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Becoming a Supplier

Terms of Agreement

We are grateful that you are considering ScholarDream as your distribution platform to reach a wide customer base of educational products and services. ScholarDream would like to extend its gratitude of serving school administrators, parents and students all over the country and also would like to partner with reliable suppliers to provide unconceivable convenience for accessing education products and services. Please read through the terms of agreement to get started as a supplier.

Products Pricing

ScholarDream allows you to put your desired product price, and guarantees that you will receive the exact amount once the product has been purchased thought the site. The customer will buy the product at a a bit higher price than the one you have specified. The following are additional charges that will be applied to any product listed on ScholarDream.

  • 10% of the product price as service and transaction fee.
  • TSH 4,000 for delivery charge within Dar Es Salaam city, TSH 8,000 for delivery charge to any region in Tanzania outside Dar Es Salaam city and TSH 25,000 ($12) outside Tanzania.

Products Delivery

The delivery and all products is in the hands of a supplier. ScholarDream will facilitate the marketing of products through outomated means and will alert you as supplier once the customer has pressed an order. You will be required to deliver the product immediately (i.e. withing 2 days maximum to any destination in Dar Es Salaam city or 5 days maximum to any region in Tanzania). Your will be paid by cheque or directly through your bank account once the customer has confirmed the delivery of the product(s).

Customer Safety & Service Guarantee

To ensure customer safety and fair business, ScholarDream will process all transactions (i.e. mobile money, bank and debit card transactions) and will hold the money until the product has been shipped and the customer has confirmed the delivery of the product(s). Failure to deliver the product(s) within the required time will require ScholarDream to return the customer's money and cancel the order. (Caution: Continuous failures to deliver customer orders on time will require ScholarDream to disqualify your reliability as a supplier or even to terminate your account if the problem persists)

Create Supplier Account

By proceeding, I agree that ScholarDream or its representatives may contact me by email, phone, or SMS (including by automated means) at the email address or number I provide. I have read and understood the Suppliers Terms of Agreement and ScholarDream Privacy Policy.