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Frequently Asked Questions

Your school will always be available on ScholarDream schools directory as long as your school remains in operation. If you want to break from ScholarDream directory listing you can send us an email on support@scholardream.com and we will have your request processed in a short period of time. We encourage your school to be listed on ScholarDream schools directory for information discovery purpose and the content presented be inline with the value that your school provides.

With ScholarDream platform, you can receive and process unlimited number of applications for admission provided that you guarantee equal application consideration for applicants through ScholarDream online application for admission forms. The question should not be how many applications are received, but rather how those applications should be processed. ScholarDream provides you with instant acknowledgement tools and notification service regardless of the subscription plan you decide to purchase for your school.

ScholarDream takes great precaution on user generated data and provides your school with managed data service through ScholarDream interfaces and applications touchpoints. On top of that, ScholarDream management is vested in data center development which will serve as a backup facility for your school organization data.

You can always choose between premium and economy subscription plans, but ScholarDream encourages you to subscribe for premium plans so that you can benefit from on demand SMS notification service that ScholarDream provides. We care about your information needs and delivery to your prospective students and parents, therefore, ScholarDream subscription plan bundles all data and notification services at the convenience of your school management.

There is no limit as to how many times you should contact ScholarDream support. Your concern is to have ScholarDream team allowed a reasonable timeframe to work on your request. You can always reach ScholarDream support through the contact form available on the contact page. We are happy to receive genuine requests from our customers and dedicate required resources to have the issues resolved.