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Frequently Asked Questions

Having a website does not necessarily guarantee that prospective students and parents will find your school easily, most students and parents want information fast and when they need it. Listing your school on ScholarDream exposes your school millions of people visiting ScholarDream website on regular basis literary at no cost. Though ScholarDream cannot guarantee that a large portion of site visitors will contact your school subsequently, but can at least enhance the idea of your school as innovative in the minds of people.

There is where the power of ScholarDream technology comes. ScholarDream allows you to manage unlimited school accounts using the same credentials. Once you have created a single school administrator account, all other account you will create later will be merged so that you can easily use one set of login credentials. Assuming that your school has branches, ScholarDream will allow you to switch between management dashboards of each school you have registered;

ScholarDream will continue to store all your data securely in the cloud until you renew your subscription. ScholarDream understands the sensitivity of organization information, which is why we take the best security and data storage procedures for your business continuity.

The front page featured schools section of ScholarDream website is a high competition advertising spot for schools. ScholarDream offers only a limited number of featured schools per month, normally twelve to sixteen featured schools per month at special rates. You need to contact ScholarDream sales office to book your spot early (Recommended 3 months prior to school featuring due to high competition on a limited space).

Currently ScholarDream has stopped offering trial period directly prior to purchasing either Professional or Premium package, but instead ScholarDream offers a bonus one month free upon first time subscription if your school has at least 300 students.