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The Birth of ScholarDream Foundation

By Amani Ghachocha,

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The Birth of ScholarDream Foundation



Not long before the walls broke loose to allow the light to penetrate each cell of my brain. There was once a deep cloud which shuttered my understanding of community service and business undertaking. The circle goes round and round not reaching the furthest end of the straight line. Blue was the sky and the sun shone bright with colors of the rainbow in between. Many are the eyes of the little ones who suffer from such radiation not being able to decode its scotching nature yet to enjoy the benefits of photosynthesis. I do not intend to bang your heads with the solar system or the vitamins of carrots hiding deep in the ground. 


ScholarDream Company Limited, I could say is the business entity which provides financial support to ScholarDream Foundation. The foundation may be weak, but holds a greater return to the community that supports ScholarDream business activities. 




With every inch of measurement, ScholarDream Foundation intends to provide material support to the so called Medical Facilities. This may be decided by the annual Gross Profit that the Corporate obtains making it the top priority of Public Relations efforts. The story goes back to the chicken and egg paradox. A chicken is bigger than the egg, but the egg carries a chick which grows to a chicken. 


Turning our attention to the vitamins of carrots, ScholarDream Foundation intends to provide nutritional benefits to the suffering cohorts in public schools and private institutions. These may not be limited to food supplements, but also the clothing nature of cotton products to the growing youths in such entities.




I mentioned about the bight sun shining deep into the leaves of cassava yet the roots holds majority of its food storage. This has nothing to deal with what the ScholarDream Foundation does, but the difference between the leaves and the roots is the trunk which transport water and minerals from the roots and merge with the sun radiation between which only a miracle can explain. Having said that, allow me to introduce Hope Channel Tanzania as the first partner organization supporting ScholarDream works.


Without minimizing the strength of Land Cruiser drivers, cutting deep through territories of suffering children. Allow me to introduce ADRA Tanzania as the second partner of ScholarDream Foundation upon which the Devine Sovereign has bestowed such courageous spirits.





Not long before the downing of the sun and the rolling back of the clouds. ScholarDream Foundation holds to this sacred promise providing Audited reports to school organizations and Financial literacy trainings permeating through the young minds who grow to become citizens of the promised returns. 

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