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Drastic Changes in ScholarDream Version 2.0

By Amani Ghachocha,

3 months ago Like
Drastic Changes in ScholarDream Version 2.0

Blue was the plain front page with sliding texts swiping from left and right. The fonts were small, but the software did its job. Nothing like that existed before in Tanzanian market except broken links of schools websites which could be found on the internet. Today that search for schools vision has improved dramatically. This is where the combined analytical engine gave birth to the present ScholarDream website.


With a vision to transpire across African education system, ScholarDream Version 2.0. offers an elegant to use user interface with tabs like navigator making school administration flat like laying bricks in the ocean. I would not like to exaggerate the appearance which is why signing in for the first time user is easy like just locating a green spot on the white wall. This is just the basic IT maneuver which is now taught in primary schools. 


Let me carry you back to 2016 when ScholarDream was first incorporated as a private limited company under the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania. Gone were the ages of scarcity of secondary schools in Tanzania, thanks to Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete who had just passed on the stick to our late president John Pombe Magufuli in 2015. The history of Tanzania has suffered many destructions to sustainable innovations which provide a means to fix to a mega blocking challenge especially in our education system. The combination to which ScholarDream addresses and bridge the existing gap. This is a brief history of ScholarDream in relation to the current public administration. 


If we decide to trace back into the history of Desktop computers, thanks to Bill Gates who dreamed of putting one on every desk and every home. We are reading this smoothly because of that dream, probably that is where ScholarDream name got its ancestors. I would not like to discredit an Apple logo on some of the major Desktop users, but both have played part in the design of the present ScholarDream website. Credit goes to the late Steve Jobs for allowing students across countries to hold tablets for read their notes on the flat pads.


Having taken you through the history of ScholarDream platform. Allow me to carry you in another dream which needs Devine approval. With tap to register feature, schools will have ability to print scholars identification badges which allow them access to major laboratories or halls. This is the part which we dearly wait to see its fruition especially to public schools in Tanzania. The words may not suffice to explain each button and what it does, but time to innovate will determine how all the work together.


Before you start sleeping for overwhelming information, Allow me to close this explanation about the drastic changes in ScholarDream Version 2.0 with proper remarks concerning schools administration in examinations reporting. Now a class of two hundred students can fit on a single page of your Desktop computer. Nevertheless your Scholar nature as a teacher can be fulfilled with best user guides which ScholarDream software provides. Let me end here for today. Stay tuned for more to come on ScholarDream blog section.






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