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Taming the tongue

By Amani Ghachocha, Co-founder & CEO ScholarDream Co. Ltd

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Taming the tongue

Like a match stick can light the entire forest, so is uncontrolled speech. Children at school learn from what they see written on the board, what they hear from morning parade, in between classes to what is written on their report cards.

Teachers play a vital role in Children growth. Some psychological make up are a result of a teacher’s abusive or kind uplifting comments spoken to a child. Today I want to talk to teachers about their role on children growth.

From infant age, children have in built feedback loop which ascertain their doing as write or wrong from their parents and later to their teachers because they are the ones who spend much more time next to parents. When children are ascertained positively on regular basis on their good conduct, those behaviors become ingrained in their brains to the point where they become voluntary in action.

On the opposite side is a negative ingraining of psychological torchers. Constant reprimanding to a child result to long lived negative bitterness which manifest in child abusive behavior or mis-fiting in the society in the later age.  Let us not go deeper on the subject but have at last this nutshell insight in our daily dealing with children at home as well as at school.

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