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Five Essential Money Tips For Grads

By Amani Ghachocha,

5 months ago Like
Five Essential Money Tips For Grads

1. Start Investing.

It doesn’t matter how much you put away, start taking money out of your paycheck to invest in your 401(k). If your company doesn’t have one, set up an IRA yourself. Make your savings automatic by picking two index funds that invest in the global stock and bond markets. The lower the annual expense ratio for management, the better. If you’re paying more than 0.50% annually, you’re paying too much.


Most of these cards, which require that you put money into a bank account before you use them, are loaded with fees. But only one-third of cards surveyed by Creditcards.com disclose these charges. Look for no-fee debit cards. Try credit unions, which often have the lowest charges and may not nick you for using your card at “out of network” ATMs.

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