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St. Peter Claver High School

Location located on a 500-acre campus about 15 kilometres from the centre of Dodoma, Motto Country Tanzania
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St. Peter Claver High School is a Jesuit, Catholic high school situated in Dodoma, the capital city of the United Republic of Tanzania.

  • Jesuit educational principles prize personal reflection on experience and conversation with others as important sources for learning. The goal of learning is social: Students learn to be “men and women for and with others.”
  • Education, according to Catholic Social Teaching, should give students the skills to review social conditions incisively; to make judgments about the conditions under review in light of such values as dignity, justice, and solidarity; and to act on these judgments with the needs of “the least of our brothers and sisters” in mind.
  • Servant of God Mwalimu Julius Nyerere was adamant that education must (1) work for the common good, (2) foster co-operation, and (3) promote equality. For him, education was a principal means to self-reliance.


P.O. Box 2175 Tanzania
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