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Marian Girls Secondary School

Location 2 Km from Bagamoyo bus stop Motto The goal held out to all is the full development as individuals and as a member of the society. The school will always take it as a guide. The school motto is FOR THE GLORY OF THE MOST HIGH. Which means everything is directed towards the Glory of the Most Country Tanzania
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Students' Corner

The higher you aim, the higher you reach. Raising the bar is good for academics and business as it keeps everyone on his toes and it creates a sense of excitement. When a team aims big, their creativity, innovation and imagination is at work. Some examples where thinking big and being unconventional paid dividends include.

Wal-Mart (A big selling mall in USA) came to the business about 45 years ago and became one of the largest businesses not because they had a lot of resources, but rather because of their resourcefulness. Today, they have 1.2 million employees and do sales of $ 1 billion a day. They donate about $ 100 million a year annually to charitable causes.

Google is miniscule compared to Microsoft. It dominates the search engine because of its focus and thus has an edge over Microsoft.

Jet Blue is small compared to United Airlines. Yet Jet Blue was surging high without mega mergers while United Airlines was struggling.

“ Your eyes are so small, yet see enormous things.” By Rumi. Positive pride is important for corporate life for growth, success, conviction, avoiding turf wars and avoiding intimidation by others.

“Travelers there are no paths. Paths are made by walking.” The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the little “extra” you put forward. There was a driver travelling from work to his home.

En route, the driver stopped on the way aside a 7 year old girl selling apples in a bucket. However, he decided to continue driving 05 yards further and stopped besides another person selling apples.

The 7 year old girl walked 50 yards further and stood beside the driver, with an expression that said, “What’s wrong with my apples?” The driver ignored the girl and completed his transaction with the other apple seller. However, the girls stood her ground with a smile on her face.

Before the driver has left that spot, the driver had bought the other girl’s apples as well! Why? Perhaps, it is because of the little extra the 7 year old girl put forward in terms of walking 50 yards and believing in the quality of her apples. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the little “extra” you put forward. All these examples display a form of a non confirming courage to create something out of northern against all odds.

Bill Gates was a college dropout who enjoyed playing poker in lieu of going to classes at Harvard. He started Microsoft in1975, went public in 1986 and became the richest man on earth with his belief in the power of digital tools.

Richard Branson took a completely non-British style and became a great brand by his unusual style.

Einstein was considered a lousy student, but through his great drive he became one of the eminent intellectuals in the 20th century. Michelangelo’s family was dead against him becoming an artist. He nonetheless went ahead and became a great artist.

We all have the capacity. We need to raise the bar and believe in ourselves. No one else will believe in you more than yourself. The past does not equal the future. Many so called failures made a great comeback.

It is not where you begin that counts, it is where you reach despite setbacks that counts. “Be the best that you can be,” By Jessie J. I finish with a quote that says,” A fool believes no one can reach the stars but you can not stop a wise man from doing so.” Part of this is a dynamic, inspiring and thought provoking message from Azim Jamal, whose message has been heard by over one million people in 26 countries.

Who the hell needs advice? That’s what many teens say to each other whenever the idea talking to elders comes up. As I was strolling across the streets I walked past a group of teens in a hot discussion then one popped out and said “Oh! My God I wish my dad could convert the time he uses to lecture me into water for the Sahara cause I’m sure it would become a forest overnight”.

Another spoke out, (“Mmh! My mom would have become wodd’s richest woman if she used the time she advises me to do something productive”.”Oh ! Some uncles are just too much they just don’t know their limits” another complained. Another one yelled” shit! I’ll spit and puke on aunt’s face the moment she gives me one of her endless sermons of boring, outdated, old fashioned, uncivilized, primitive barbaric...

The list went on and the last word I heard was advice. But come to think of it really between the hen and the chick its known that the chick needs the hen’s protection, care and guidance into the world sine the hen knows where the worms are, hiding places and how to escape predators like eagles that will endanger the chick’s life. Teens nowadays ignore the advice given to them by their elders thinking that they know a lot more than the latest encyclopedia and poor dead Solomon was not even an ounce wiser than they are.

Comments like “Mshua old timer, he aint got them swags” and “Bi mkubwa anachonga sana” are very common and teens regard themselves as the planet masters equating old to mere gravel while in reality old is gold. It’s time teens stop beating around the bush and face the reality that instead of bearing the cost of handling peer pressure and stresses alone their elders are there to advice them as the saying goes”.

If you can get free milk why keep a cow?” Well teens should have a different panorama about advice form elders since they can learn how to make a glittering tomorrow endowed with success, embroidered in pleasure, decorated by prosperity, supplemented by hope and promise and measurelessly blessed by God. So hey! Whenever that uncle, aunt, brother sister, mum, dad or whoever of yours calls you and gives you advice respect, listen and obey. Now let me see if you’ve changed” Dear child could you read this all over again?”


P. O. Box 75637 Pwani Tanzania
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