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SSL protocol for Web security: Why does it matter?

By Amani Ghachocha, Co-founder & CEO ScholarDream Co. Ltd

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SSL protocol for Web security: Why does it matter?

It is not common to see people going to sleep with unlocked doors. Let us be honest for a moment here! Who would want his or her treasured possessions stolen out of such carelessness? Myself, I wouldn’t. I would find the top security padlock and lock my door every single day if it means security for my belongings. If that is the case then why do so many people and sometimes executives of reputable organizations take their information system security for granted? Some use the same password in four or five websites, some leave their passwords hanging on sticky notes on their desktop computers, some exchange sensitive information over text messages. I do not mean to judge anyone, but I just want to make a point here. Most of us sometimes do not take information security seriously.

Before we dive deep into the topic, let us level our understanding of information systems. I would say from your email account, social media, your office web application or even some business mobile applications collectively make the information systems I am talking about.

Almost every developer out there talks about web security. Every one of them lashes out with technical terminologies such as SSL or HTTPS inferring on how their product is secure. Some developers know what they are talking about, some are just fishing for the customers’ attention and money without really understanding what they are talking about. I don’t intend to write another book about internet security, or to overload anyone with security protocols in this discussion, but I just want to stress the need for internet security as our works continually rely on web and mobile applications.

Some of you may have noticed that some websites start with a green bar and the key word “https” while others do not have that green bar and they just start with a domain name. It may seem trivial, but the one with the green bar protects you from the bad guys out there, also known as hackers. As you consult a web developer, it is important to have this small, but important security standard in your mind. What it does is that, it hides the information from someone trying to intercede the traffic between your web browser and a server from which you are trying to access a website.  Just require that at the end of your website hosting, it should be protected by SSL, a short form for Secure Socket Layer, and that should keep you safe from hackers trying to steel valuable information as you access your website.


I wish to discuss more security standards in this article, but let us reserve them for later discussions. The most important thing here is that you have understood a bit about SSL protocol for web security and why we as ScholarDream have implemented the protocol in our platform.

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